Japanese high school and university students learning English: Differences in their perceptions of teachers as motivators

Brett Cumming, Masanori Matsumoto


This paper reports on the perceptions of a group of Japanese high school students (N = 125) and a group of Japanese university students (N = 255) of English as a foreign language (EFL) about the influence of their English teachers as a factor affecting their own motivation. The study employed a questionnaire to collect data with the results computed statistically using SPSS 19. An independent samples t test was conducted on the means drawn from the five-point Likert-scale between university and high school respondents. The results revealed that university students view their teachers as influencing their own motivation more strongly than do high school students. The chi-square test on a range of teacher-related factors: teacher’s classroom behaviour, personality, and teaching skills, also showed notable difference between the two groups of students.


second language motivation; learners’ perception of teachers; learning context; Japanese learners of English; EFL

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