On the appreciation of English punny jokes by Arabic-speaking EFL learners

Abdul Salam Mohamad Alnamer, Abdel Rahman Mitib Altakhaineh, Sulafah Abdul Salam Alnamer


This study measures the extent Arabic-speaking EFL learners appreciate English punny jokes. It also aims at identifying the challenges they face with certain types of these jokes and providing explanations for these challanges. For the purpose of the study, a test of 16 punny jokes on four types of punny jokes, namely, look-alike, sound-alike, close-sounding, and texting was developed and distributed to 60 Arabic-speaking EFL learners. Generally, the results show that Arabic-speaking EFL learners have little appreciation of English punny jokes. The study discusses the challenges that Arabic-speaking EFL learners face when they encounter any of the four types of punny jokes. Finally, the study concludes with pedagogical implications and with some suggestions for further studies.


punny jokes; second language acquisition; humour; Arabic-speaking EFL learners

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